MethyCancer Introduction

Cancer is ranked as one of the top killers in all human diseases and continues to have a devastating effect on the population around the globe. Current research efforts are aiming to accelerate our understanding of the molecular basis of cancer and develop effective means for cancer diagnostics, treatment and prognosis. An altered pattern of epigenetic modifications, most importantly DNA methylation events, plays a critical role in tumorigenesis through regulating oncogene activation, tumor suppressor gene silencing, and chromosomal instability.

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*The red rectangle indicates HEP data is avaliable on that chromosome.

The database of human DNA Methylation and Cancer (MethyCancer) is developed to study interplay of DNA methylation, gene expression and cancer. It hosts both highly integrated data of DNA methylation, cancer-related gene, mutation and cancer information from public resources, and the CpG Island (CGI) clones derived from our large-scale sequencing. Interconnections between different data types were analyzed and presented. Search tool and graphical MethyView are developed to help users access all the data and data connections and view DNA methylation in context of genomics and genetics data.

MethyCancer could function as both an information resource and analysis platform for study of CGI distribution in human genes, alteration of DNA methylation patterns in promoter CGIs, identification of novel cancer genes altered by DNA methylation alone or in combination with genetic events, and discovery of novel epigenetic targets. As part of the Cancer Epigenomics Project in China, MethyCancer will also serve as a platform by which we would like to share data and analytical results from the Cancer Genome/Epigenome Project in China with colleagues all over the world. We hope our continuous efforts in MethyCancer will contribute to the improvement of global human health.

Ciration: He, X.M., Chang, S.H., Zhang, J.J., Zhao, Q., Xiang, H.Z., ..., and Wang, J. 2008. MethyCancer: the database of human DNA methylation and cancer. Nucleic Acids Res. 36: D836-841.Full Paper