MethyView Help

MethyView is developed to facilitate the users to browse methylation data (integrated from HEP, MethDB, Columbia University, BIG/UHN) in the context of existing human genome annotations.

MethyView is composed of three layers of sub-viewers in hierarchical architecture, namely ChroView, MethyLoci Survey, and MethyLoci Detail View (MethyLoci: distinct genomic loci of clustered methylation sequences). A factual report for each element contained in MethyView is displayed automatically on demand. Links to MethyView are also available in various search result pages.

1. ChroView contains an outline of a chromosome including statistics of cancer genes, methylation-related genes, and methylation data.

2. MethyLoci Survey shows where the MethyLoci are located in chromosomal regions and the distribution of its sourcing data (BIG/UHN, MethDB, HEP, Columbia, CGI predictions).

3. By clicking on MethyLoci or original methylation data from different resources in MethyLoci Survey, users can switch to the MethyLoci Detail View, which displays the methylation levels in the form of a matrix. Each color-coded square within the matrix represents one CpG site and the color coding represents the different methylation level (from yellow to blue, it represents from 0% to 100% methylation and grey indicates CpG sites for which methylation levels could not be determined). Clicking on a square reveals the level of methylation observed at that particular CpG site. Each row represents all the CpG sites of one methylation record shown at the bottom of the MethyLoci Detail View. Rows of squares are grouped by different data sources and tissues. Gene distribution is plotted and transcripts are also shown. The methylation data is shown along the precise gene structure of promoters, exons and introns, as well as distribution of repetitive sequences.

4. If one continues to zoom in on the MethyLoci, the absolute position of each CpG site will be shown.