Methylation Report

Source Columbia University
Tissue brain-cerebral cortex and cerebellum
Environment from a full-term human brain
Comment From the tissue bank of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Reference PMID:16365381
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Method        Paired end sequencing, enzyme digestion and analysis
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Methylation type Methylation region       Methylation type introduction
Methylation statusunmethylated
Sequence name Brain_McrBC_01-29-02_Plate003_Q443
Chromosome 11
Start 100258151
End 100260529
Length 2378
CpG number 11
GC number 870
Per GC 0.37
Obsexp 0.14
Related clones Brain_McrBC_01-29-02_Plate003_Q443
Overlapping Gene
Ensembl ID ENSG00000165895
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Ensembl ID ENSG00000210910
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Overlapping Repeat
Repeat name L1PB1
Repeat class/family LINE/L1
Repeat name (TTG)n
Repeat class/family Simple_repeat
Repeat name L2
Repeat class/family LINE/L2
Repeat name AluSq
Repeat class/family SINE/Alu