Methylation Report

Source BIG/UHN
Tissue cell line
Comment from the Sanger Centre, UK.
Reference PMID:8012384
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Method        Construct MBD column and sequencing
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Methylation type CpG Island type II    Related CGI Prediction       Methylation type introduction
Sequence name CpGICLT006185
Chromosome 6
Start 26392358
End 26392678
Length 321
CpG number 16
GC number 164
Per GC 0.51
Obsexp 0.77
Related clones Clone027059_5
Overlapping Gene
Gene Symbol HIST1H4H
Gene Alias DJ160A22.2, H4/E, H4/H, H4F2IV, H4FE, H4FH, HIST1H4H, HIST1H4J, MGC29783
Ensembl ID ENSG00000158406
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Overlapping Repeat
Repeat name AluSg
Repeat class/family SINE/Alu