Methylation Report

Name OvCarF RBM11 Cobra
Source MethDB_21389
Sex female
Tissue ovarium
State malign tumor
Phenotype tumor - ovarian carcinoma
Reference PMID:16963709
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Method        Averaged Bisulfite Seq. data from single clones
Methylation      Link to MethyView
Methylation type Methylation content       Methylation type introduction
5mC content
(0 = no methylation, 1 = max. methylation)
0 mol% of CpG
Sequence name MethDB_sequence_14050     Link to MethDB
Chromosome 21
Start 14510263
End 14510725
Length 462
CpG number 42
GC number 304
Per GC 0.658
Obsexp 0.8402
Related clones MethDB_sequence_14050
Overlapping Gene
Gene Symbol RBM11
Gene Alias RBM11
Ensembl ID ENSG00000185272
Details See Detail
Overlapping Repeat
Repeat name GC_rich
Repeat class/family Low_complexity