Methylation Report

Name UACC2648
Source MethDB_3228
Sex female
Tissue breast - UACC2648 cells
State culture cells
Phenotype tumor - adenocarcinoma
Comment BRCA1 expression was measured by RT-PCR and BRCA1 mRNA levels were normalized to mRNA levels of histone 3.3 (a cell-cycle independent ubiquitously-expressed histone variant). The normal HMEC expressed the highest levels of BRCA1 mRNA and are used as reference. The expression of BRCA1 mRNA in UACC2648 is fourfold less than the normal HMEC.
Reference PMID:9778046
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Method        Averaged Bisulfite Seq. data from single clones
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Methylation status
Sequence name MethDB_sequence_102     Link to MethDB
Chromosome 17
Start 38530673
End 38530768
Length 95
CpG number 6
GC number 56
Per GC 0.5895
Obsexp 1.0197
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Overlapping Gene
Gene Symbol BRCA1
Ensembl ID ENSG00000012048
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Cancer Related with above Gene
Name Ovary: Epithelial tumors
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Name Prostate tumors
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Name Bladder: Urothelial carcinomas
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Name Breast: Secretory Ductal Carcinoma
Alias Secretory Breast Cancer
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Name Overview of ovarian tumors
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Name Overview of breast tumors
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