Phenotype list

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    Angelman syndrome
    autopsy proofed healthy
    Fragile-X syndrome
    Hirschsprung disease
    ICF syndrome
    Prader-Willi syndrome
    tumor - acral lentiginous melanoma (ALM)
    tumor - acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    tumor - acute promyelocytic leukemia
    tumor - adenocarcinoma
    tumor - AML
    tumor - breast
    tumor - breast cancer cell line
    tumor - breast tumor - sporadic breast tumor
    tumor - carcinoma
    tumor - cell line
    tumor - chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    tumor - chronic myelogenous leukemia
    tumor - gastric carcinoma
    tumor - hepatocellular carcinoma
    tumor - large-cell carcinoma of the lung
    tumor - lentigo maligna melanoma
    tumor - lung
    tumor - melanoma
    tumor - melanoma cell line
    tumor - myeloma
    tumor - myeloma cell line
    tumor - neuroblastoma
    tumor - oncogenically transformed cell line
    tumor - osteosarcoma
    tumor - ovarian carcinoma
    tumor - primary bladder cancer
    tumor - primary prostate cancer
    tumor - renal carcinoma
    tumor - sarcoma
    tumor - small cell lung carcinoma
    tumor - squamous cell carcinoma
    tumor - T-lymphoblastic leukemia
    tumor - unspecified