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Gene: APOH     Link to MethyView
Gene symbol APOH
Alias APOH, B2G1, BG
Cytogenetic Location 17q23-qter
Property protein_coding
Description Beta-2-glycoprotein 1 (Beta-2-glycoprotein I) (Apolipoprotein H) (Apo-H) (B2GPI) (Beta(2)GPI) (Activated protein C-binding protein) (APC inhibitor) (Anticardiolipin cofactor) [B2G1]
External Links
   Ensembl ENSG00000091583
   OMIM 138700
   UniGene Hs.445358
   mRNA NM_000042.1
   SwissProt P02749
Expresstion pancreatic, cerebrum, heart, brain, lung, kidney, whole, colon, pancreas, liver, muscle, placenta, pooled, uncharacterized, spleen
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Genomic Regions, Transcripts and Proteins
Gene Structure <0...191>, <2456...2653>, <4791...4970>, <8557...8745>, <11701...11777>, <14031...14127>, <16023...16199>, <17319...17397>
Ensembl Transcript ENST00000205948
Ensembl Protein ENSP00000205948
Gene Ontology GO:0006952 NR Generated via Q13217
GO:0005576 NAS Generated via Q9BWW8
GO:0005319 NR Generated via Q9BWW8
GO:0008201 IEA Generated via P08294
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DNA methylation and CGIs
Gene MethyCancer Type Candidate cancer gene without methylation data
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