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Gene: OXNAD1     Link to MethyView
Gene symbol OXNAD1
Alias MGC15763, OXNAD1
Property protein_coding
External Links
   Ensembl ENSG00000154814
   UniGene Hs.475602
   mRNA NM_138381.2
Expresstion cartilage, cerebellum, stomach, uterus, lymph, kidney, nervous, mammary, thymus, pooled
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Genomic Regions, Transcripts and Proteins
Gene Structure <0...304>, <3925...4074>, <5744...5870>, <6458...6521>, <21141...21247>, <29655...29796>, <36425...36667>, <37439...37547>, <38207...38775>
Ensembl Transcript ENST00000285083
Ensembl Protein ENSP00000285083
Gene Ontology GO:0006118 IEA Generated via Q99489
GO:0016491 IEA Generated via Q99489
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DNA methylation and CGIs
Gene MethyCancer Type Other gene with experimental methylation data
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