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Gene: RRAGD     Link to MethyView
Gene symbol RRAGD
Alias BA11D8.2.1, DKFZP761H171, RAGD, RRAGD
Cytogenetic Location 6q15-q16
Property protein_coding
Description Ras-related GTP-binding protein D (Rag D)
External Links
   Ensembl ENSG00000025039
   OMIM 608268
   UniGene Hs.485938 Hs.595624 Hs.633590
   mRNA NM_021244.2
   SwissProt Q9NQL2
Expresstion pancreatic, mammary, whole, liver, parathyroid, head, brain, colon, muscle, placenta, pooled, uncharacterized, ovary, cerebellum, cartilage, bone, uterus, kidney, pituitary, skin, cerebrum, heart, peripheral, prostate, embryonic, lung, lymph, thyroid, nervous, testis, retina, eye, thymus, ear
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Genomic Regions, Transcripts and Proteins
Gene Structure <0...3571>, <7801...7949>, <13035...13177>, <14588...14702>, <15532...15731>, <22659...22954>, <47210...47634>
Ensembl Transcript ENST00000369415
Ensembl Protein ENSP00000358423
Gene Ontology GO:0005737 IDA Generated via P54259
GO:0005634 IDA Generated via P54259
GO:0005525 IEA Generated via Q969Q5
GO:0005515 IPI Generated via P54259
GO:0000166 IEA Generated via Q9Y2A5
Gene Structure <0...3209>, <7439...7587>, <12673...12815>, <14226...14340>, <15170...15360>, <46848...47054>
Ensembl Transcript ENST00000359203
Ensembl Protein ENSP00000352131
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DNA methylation and CGIs
Gene MethyCancer Type Candidate cancer gene with experimental methylation data
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