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Cancer : Eye: Posterior uveal melanoma
Cancer Name Eye: Posterior uveal melanoma
Description melanomas derived from the pigmented uveal tract of the eye, which comprises the iris, ciliary body and the choriod choroid melanomas are the commonest (60-70%), and iris melanomas are particulary rare (5-8%)
Clinics and Pathology
Epidemiology annual incidence in the USA of 5-7 million population annually, similarities to cutaneous melanoma as the incidence is higher amongst fair skinned pale eyed individuals; median age for presentation 55 yrs, and a slightly higher incidence for males; the aetiology is unclear, but possibly sun exposure is a risk factor
Pathology classified into three categories depending on cell type; spindle cell melanoma has the best prognosis, epithelioid is most likey to spread, whilst mixed cell melanomas have an intermediate behaviour; (of note, the size and position of the tumour also affects the prognosis of individual melanomas); uveal melanomas can invade locally within the eye, and form deposits in other organs, but most commonly the liver
Treatment local resection, enucleation, photocoagulation, external beam irradiation, brachytherapy, and laser therapy
Prognosis spindle cell tumours, and those less than 10 mm in diameter have the best outcome; ciliary body melanomas and those where there is scleral invasion have a worse prognosis
Related Genes
Gene Symbol RBL2
Description "This oncosuppressor gene is involved in, Breast Cancer ,, Burkitt's lymphomas ,, Choroidal melanoma ,, Endometrial Cancer ,, Lung Cancer , Malignant Lymphomas, Mesothelioma,, Glioblastoma ,, Ovarian Cancer , Oral malignant melanoma, Vulvar Carcinoma."
Gene Symbol PTENP1
Description From COSMIC:
Gene Symbol CDKN2A
Description From COSMIC:
Gene Symbol BRAF
Description From COSMIC:
Cytogenetics Morphological most analysis performed on ciliary body and choroid melanomas; usually relatively simple chromosome alterations, often with diploid karyotypes; the commonest alterations are those of chromosomes 1, 3, 6, 8 and the Y chromosome; monosomy 3 and isochromosome 8q occur in association in ciliary body melanomas, and are both independently predictive of poor prognosis, with the increase in the copy number of 8q also indicative of the disease free interval; chromosome 1 changes have been linked with large aggressive tumours and abnormalities of chromosome 6 are suggested to indicate a better prognosis
Cytogenetics Molecular studies are not as comprehensive as cytogenetic studies; comparative genomic hybridization has mainly confirmed cytogenetic data, but also identified les frequent alterations including those of chromsome 9p; no specific genes implicated, p16, p53, BRCA2 have been investigated but appear to be involved in only a small percentage of tumours; studies suggest that genes on chromosome 3 play a role, and several regions have been implicated; no association between MYCand poor prognosis has been made, and flow cytomeric analysis suggests that DNA index is not a reliable predictor of prognosis
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Source and Citation
Source Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
Citation Sisley K . Eye: Posterior uveal melanoma. Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. June 1999 .