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Cancer : Soft tissue tumors: Synovial sarcoma
Cancer Name Soft tissue tumors: Synovial sarcoma
Cancer Alias t(X;18)(p11.2;q11.2) in synovial sarcoma
Description t(X;18)(p11.2;q11.2) in synovial sarcoma G-banding - Courtesy Charles Bangs
Clinics and Pathology
Epidemiology rare soft tissue tumor, it accounts for up to 5 to 8% of soft tissue sarcomas , the fourth most common type of sarcoma after malignant fibrous histyocytoma, liposarcoma and rhabdomyosarcoma ; the most common pediatric non rhabdomyosarcomatous soft tissue cancer; average incidence : 2,75 per 100000 population based on a canandian study
Pathology well-defined, apparently unrelated to synovium (cf various rare localisations), it displays characteristics of concurrent epithelial and spindle cell proliferation; several types are recognized : two major ones:
  • biphasic, with epithelial and spindle cell components in various proportions and
  • monophasic fibrous type;
  • monophasic epithelial type is much less common ;
  • may also present as a poorly differentiated small cell neoplasm; diagnosis may be difficult especially for the two later.
    in general, very few problems in diagnosis in the biphasic type, may be not ascertained in some instances even after immunohistochemical examination
  • Treatment complete surgical excision of the primary tumor is actually the basis of the treatment; the optimal treatment approach is to be determined as post operative radiotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy may permit limb preserving surgery and limit local recurrence and (micro) metastasis disease (lung+++)
  • traditionnally has had a bad prognosis whateither the biphasic or monophasic type, poorer in the poorly differentiated small cell neoplasm.
  • EFS at 5 years : 45-60%; improved in a recent german study to 74% for children and adolescents; improvements in adults too
  • recents prognostic studies to identify risk groups and adequate treatment strategies indicate that synovialosarcomas might not be uniformely high grade tumors
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    Cytogenetics Morphological a t(X;18)(p11.2;q11.2) is found in almost all synovial sarcomas (8O%) whatsoever the histologic type may be; t(X ;18)(p11.2 ;q11.2) seems to be specific : it is not found in other spindle cell sarcomas, and very rarely detected in other tumors as malignant fibrous histyocytoma or fibrosarcomas
    Cytogenetics Molecular detectable by metaphasic and/or interphasic dual colour fluorescent in situ cytogenetics; hybridization combining centomere X or 18 probes with respectively 18 or X whole chromosome painting or YAC probes both numerical and structural anomalies are found in 50% of cases, numerical anomalies only in 20% (+7,+8,+12,+21,-3, -11, -14, -22) and structural.anomalies only in 20% (involving chromosomes 1, 3, 11, 12, 15, 17 and 21: tumors may be hypodiploid, pseudodiploid, hyperdiploid or near tetraploid without a common pattern; DNA flow cytometry study revealed poorer prognosis for aneuploid tumors
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    Source and Citation
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