Cancer Report

Cancer : inv(14)(q11q32.1)
Cancer Name inv(14)(q11q32.1)
Clinics and Pathology
Disease T Prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL)
Prognosis T-PLL has an aggressive clinical course, although, in a small proportion on cases, disease evolves with a slowly progressive lymphocytosis (phenotype CD45RO-CD45RA-)
Disease Ataxia telangiectasia (AT)
Disease Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma
Disease Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) of T lineage
Disease Leukemias of B lineage
Disease Acute myeloid leukemia with lymphoid associated antigens
Related Genes
Gene Symbol CLTCL1
Description "
  • TCL1B is located on 14q32.1 16 Kb centromeric of TCL1A and shows 60% similarity to TCL1; TCL1A and TCL1B are located in the about 160 kb region of breakpoints observed in T cell leukemia cases with translocations at 14q32.1
  • Semi quantitative RT-PCR analysis revealed that both TCL1A and TCL1b genes are expressed in spleen, tonsil, fetal liver, fetal kidney and fetal thymus. However the TCL1B gene is expressed in a wide variety of tissues. Normally, TCL1A expression is observed in early T cell progenitors (CD4- CD8- CD3-) and lymphoid cell of the B lineage : pre B cells and immature IgM expressing B cells.
  • TCL1A, TCL1B encode for protein of about 14 kDa. TCL1A 14 kDa protein consists of an eight-stranded antiparallel beta barrel with a hydrophobic core and are predicted to bind small hydrophobic ligands such as retinoids, nucleosides or fatty acids.
  • NOTE : in addition to TCL1 and TCL1b the locus contains two additional genes TCL1- neighboring gene (TNG1 and TNG2) encoding proteins of 141 and 110 amino acids. Recently two novel genes have been identified in this region : TML1 and TCL6. Since the TCL1, TCL1b, TML1, TCL6 genes are expressed in T-cell leukemias carrying a t(14;14) translocation, they are four candidate genes potentially involved in leukemogenesis. "
    Gene Symbol MTCP1
    Description The MTCP1 is located at Xq28 and activated in rare cases of T-PLL with a t(X;14)(q28;q11) translocation.MTCP1 encodes for two proteins p8MTCP1 and p13MTCP1
    Gene Symbol TCL1A
    Description "TRA@ - TCL1 in T-cell malignancies. mainly, T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL); T- cell NHL; T-cell ALL "
    Gene Symbol TRD
    Description "
  • The size of TCR alpha/delta locus is about 1 Mb. The TCR delta variable (V) diversity (D) joining (J) and constant region genes are situated within the TCR alpha locus between the TCR alpha V and the TCR alpha J segments.
  • The TCR delta locus contains three D segments and four J segments, whereas the TCR alpha J regions spans approximately 80 Kb and contains at least 61 segments.
  • The TCR alpha/delta locus is transcribed in a centromer to telomer direction.T-cell receptor "
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    Source and Citation
    Source Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
    Citation Boyer J . inv(14)(q11q32.1),t(14;14)(q11;q32.1). Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. June 2001 .
    URL :