Human Chromosomes
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*The red rectangle indicates HEP data is avaliable on that chromosome.

Click to zoom in to view methylation data in the context of existing genome annotations.
  Welcome to MethyView! As a visualization tool, MethyView is developed to facilitate the users to browse methylation data (integrated from HEP, MethDB, Columbia University, BIG/UHN) in the context of existing human genome annotations.

MethyView is composed of three layers of sub-viewers in hierarchical architecture, namely ChroView, MethyLoci Survey, and MethyLoci Detail View. At each layer of MethyView, gene distribution is plotted. By enlarge on a specific gene, the methylation data will be shown along the precise gene structure of promoters, exons and introns, as well as distribution of repetitive sequences. A factual report for each element contained in MethyView is displayed automatically on demand. Links to MethyView are also available in various search result pages.

Please kindly note that the methylation data from different resources are not necessarily overlapped. To find the exact overlapped data, please use the tool of 'Search MethyView'. For detailed instructions please see MethyView Tutorial.

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MethyCancer data loci contains data from: BIG/UHN Columbia University HEP MethDB
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